5 Reasons Projects Fail & How to Prevent Them


Leadership at drug and device companies is continually overwhelmed with the constant balance of driving daily work, managing resources, and addressing unplanned emergencies. This balance is then tested when leadership is tasked with implementing a number of yearly special projects. These projects often address process, strategic, technical, or regulatory requirements that must be addressed within a specific timeframe.



While important, these projects are often add-ons to an already overly burdened leadership resource. Further, it is likely that this individual did not gain a foundational education in Project Management, resulting in several unforced project implementation errors such as increased costs, delayed delivery times, and resource burn-out. As such, we often observe that these leaders struggle to successfully complete these complex projects on time.



In our experience, the top five common areas that hinder project success are


  1. Scope Creep
  2. Poor Quality Deliverables
  3. Poor Oversight
  4. Resource Competing Priorities
  5. Minimal Communication


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