Custom PMO Design and Implementation Gives Visibility to Senior Management

PMO Implementation Case Study

Our team of PMO experts can implement a custom project portfolio governance to ensure you are doing the right projects to meet your organizational goals.

Key Challenges

  • A Top 25 pharmaceutical company approached us with a common problem. We have seen this problem for years throughout the industry.
  • The projects in their portfolio were vast in number and resources were greatly over-committed. Management lacked transparency, as no one role had insight into all of the projects in the portfolio.
  • Additionally, the client’s approaches to project management varied across each project and were dependent on the individual project managers. The lead time to starting a project was long, and trending longer.
  • Everyone was busy and no one had time to do anything about these issues. That’s where the Treximo team jumped in to help.

Treximo Solution

We used our expertise in three core capability areas to provide:

  • Customized Project Management Office Design and Implementation based on their needs and organizational maturity
  • Fit-for-purpose standardized project management processes, measures, quality controls, and tools
  • Lean and transparent project portfolio governance for Senior Management


Customized PMO Design and Implementation
We quickly assessed the existing project management practices through client interviews and review of their materials. Then, combining the assessment results with best practices in PMO development and implementation, we developed a structure that would provide visibility and management to the entire business project portfolio for optimized project selection and resource management.

Fit-for-purpose Standardized Project Management Toolbox
The presence of multiple PM approaches was causing these issues:

  • Lack of consistent successful project delivery
  • Missed opportunity to capitalize on institutional knowledge, and
  • Significant resource waste due to long lead times for starting projects

Our team inventoried the client’s existing PM processes, measures, quality controls and tools to identify a common set of standard PM practices. Using these standard PM practices, our client can now initiate projects quickly and deliver successful projects. They are also accumulating institutional knowledge that can be reused in future projects, to fast track value-added results.

Lean and Transparent Project Portfolio Governance for Senior Management
The lack of visibility into the business project portfolio inhibited the organization’s strategic decision-making. Resources were constantly over-committed and not all projects aligned with the organization’s strategic goals. We implemented a transparent and lean project portfolio governance infrastructure where decision-making aligned with strategic goals. Project status is now reported to key decision-makers, ensuring the successful delivery of the right results.