When a Team Loses Their Leader and Does Not Have a Plan

Losing a resource in the middle of a project is frustrating for everyone. Our experienced Project Managers can be there to pick up the pieces so that your project team can keep moving toward a successful outcome.

Key Challenges

  • A pharmaceutical client had a global project team that included representatives from Development, Safety, Pharmacovigilance and IT. Their project was to implement an online portal for the delivery of Safety Letters to Investigators when their Project Manager left before it was complete.
  • The Project Manager had moved on in the middle of the project, leaving the team without a Project Plan.
  • Without a knowledgeable and available replacement, the team was falling behind. The project team needed a PM who understood the process and IT challenges related to their online portal implementation, so they called Treximo for help.

Treximo Solution

The client explained their needs and expectations.
We staffed the right resource, who had the right capabilities to manage this global cross-functional effort and enable our client to implement the process and technology changes necessary to successfully complete the project.


Treximo worked with the business leads to understand the client’s situation.

We learned their:

Current state
Expectations and needs
Desired future state
Using that information we provided a capable Project Manager who hit the ground running. The project team continued moving forward and ultimately had a successful outcome.

At the end of the project, the project team received an award in recognition of their success and we’re so proud of their achievement.

A post-project survey included the following comments:

“I was completely impressed from what was delivered and the many follow-up tasks and questions that needed to be managed.”

“Experienced team was able work extremely well and efficiently.”

“Great organization – SharePoint Site organization ability and structure was a model of good management.”

“He did a nice job with a challenging team.”