Case Studies

Typically, we work with our clients long-term. Many of our business relationships have lasted 10+ years. Check out our case studies of our services in action. They are specific examples of how we provide actionable success.

Our Project Management team drove the PMO and partnered with the client to successfully deliver their EU MDR project.
Machine learning tools are relatively new across any industry. Implementing a regulated R&D analytics tools with machine learning can be especially challenging with many unknowns
Many research and development organizations are looking to streamline laboratory operations via informatics tools and robotics.
A rapidly growing medical device company’s project teams were overworked. Employees were falling further and further behind with each subsequent project approved by their leadership. The client knew there was a problem. But how to solve it?
It can be difficult to unite a global project team with members from multiple organizations. Our client’s team needed experienced leaders who understood the regulations and could drive towards deadlines and meet milestones.
Our pharmaceutical client needed a technically-focused project manager who understood their diagnostic business fundamentals, but also had the experience to drive towards deadlines and achieve milestones.
A Top 25 pharmaceutical company approached us with a common problem. We have seen this problem for years throughout the industry.
Losing a resource in the middle of a project is frustrating for everyone. Our experienced Project Managers can be there to pick up the pieces so that your project team can keep moving toward a successful outcome.
Projects that implement technology are challenging and require project leadership to manage a lot of moving parts, especially when external vendors are involved. Our expert Project Managers understand the complexity, uncertainty, and risks associated with
Based on regulatory guidances and TransCelerate approaches, a client wanted to change multiple monitoring processes. Additionally, the client wanted to incorporate central monitoring analytics.
An east coast based midsized pharmaceutical client required immediate data management services to take over EDC build and the creation of data transfer specifications for 10 third party vendors
The client had little NDA filing experience and needed an experienced team to develop a filing strategy, complete programming and statistical analysis, and author CTD and other documents.