Clinical Operations Services

Treximo’s Clinical Operations team is the ideal choice for organizations who want project oversight and control but need support for study execution. Learn how our consulting experts can help in the multi-phase development of your clinical operations.

Phase 1 Services

At Treximo, we know that global support is key to successful results. We provide teams with clinical expertise and an extended suite of early phase clinical development services specifically engineered to accelerate study progression. Together, we facilitate your proof of concept study to Phase 2 trial successfully.

Phase 2 and 3 Services

Your business is unique and therefore requires a unique solution. At Treximo, we customize your solutions using our comprehensive lineup of services and a select team that understands your needs. Whether tackling the issue of an under-resourced company infrastructure or working on a complicated indication, we’ll get it done effectively and efficiently.

Phase 3b and 4 Services

The longevity of late-stage development studies within observational research and registry development requires dedicated resources. That is why we’ve developed a specialized team of professionals with a wealth of experience in late-stage development and health outcomes to provide the support you need for the duration of the study. 

Key Offerings Include

Clinical Pharmacology Expertise

Site Selection / Feasibility

Clinical Monitoring Services

eTMF and CTMS Support

Site Training

Study Conduct

Clinical Program and Project Management

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Dependable Quality

Between our track record of success and a host of case studies, we are confident our quality will speak for itself.


In such a highly regulated industry, compliance is an essential factor to consider. We bring up-to-date knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients are fully covered in every scenario. Our team acts as a resource to reliably guide our clients to optimal compliance.

Operations Improvement

We help our clients achieve clinical and operational goals, whether you're focusing on a specific clinical department of the entire organization. At Treximo, we introduce truly streamlined and efficient processes. We use KPIs to ensure that our customers experience measurable improvement.


Whether our clients need to implement our service for extensive clinical project support a specific solution, our customizable approach is there to offer optimized results that lead to a long term partnership.