Clinical Data Sciences & Management

Clinical Data tells the story of the clinical study. Treximo’s data science services ensure the story told by your clinical data is as clear and easily understood as possible. Our services include data management, biostatistics, and clinical programming. We offer a validated, GxP compliant system to store, analyze, and produce outputs from clinical data.

Data Management Done Right

Garbage in, garbage out. Treximo Clinical Data Managers ensure your clinical study maintains the highest quality of clinical data. Having clean clinical data is essential for statistical analysis. Obtaining clean clinical data starts with the tool used to collect the data. Treximo Clinical Data Managers have experience using a wide variety of EDC solutions. If you have your own preferred provider of EDC software or if you are looking for guidance on which one to use, the Treximo Clinical Data Management team can assist in all aspects of EDC development.

Services Provided

EDC Development

CRF Screen Design

Edit Check Creation

Annotated CRFs


Completion Guidelines

Data Management Project Oversight (Project Management)

Data Management Plan Development

Data Oversight

Issue Queries

Query management

Medical Coding

Third Party Data Vendor Management

Data Transfer Specification Development

Data Transfer Reconciliation

Database Lock

Database Archive

Biostatistics and Programming is About Problem Solving

At the end of the day, regulatory agencies speak the language of P-Values and Confidence Intervals. Treximo’s expert Biostatistics and Programming team will ensure the statistical analyses conducted in your study are not only correct, but also easily understandable. Treximo’s biostatisticians close the gap between statistical analysis results and understanding what they truly mean.

Services Provided

CRF Design Review/Input


SAP and TLF shell creation

SDTM (Specification, Programming, Define.XML)

ADaM (Specification, Programming, Define.XML)

Tables, Listings and Figures Programming (All Treximo Programming is double programmed)

DSUR Output generation

IB Output generation

Topline TLF delivery within 5 days of database lock

Reviewers Guide

Work With Us to Extract Your Data’s Full Potential.

Data Science for Strategy

With a wealth of data at your disposal, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. We use data science to find solutions to the problems that our clients face. We consider organizational issues and analyze the data to identify business opportunities.

Data Science for Applications

Our team at Treximo combines your data and business objectives to create an exciting set of possibilities. We are adept at building products, applications, and tools that use your data as a resource for analyzing and presenting data. 

Data Science for Operations

A shocking amount of businesses waste resources trying to solve data-centric problems. We’re here to identify how we can assist you and determine what will improve your operations. We are highly accountable every step of the way. 

Data Science for Insight

Our data science team is stocked with elite industry professionals who know precisely how to help our clients identify data opportunities, assess viability, and develop plan execution. At Treximo, we focus on deliverables that impact your business processes and bottom line.