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We get projects done right by providing strategies and insights that are truly actionable. We allow clients to focus on what they know best: their core business.

Why Choose Treximo?


The regulatory landscape has become increasingly complex, requiring experienced pharmaceutical professionals to drive all areas of development. Treximo excels at providing teams of resources or expert consultants to ensure the success of your drug development opportunities. We have extensive knowledge in trial operations, data integrity, data summarization, and regulatory affairs that can propel your pipeline forward.


Our consultants help biotech companies improve their decision making, optimize your organizational processes, and reduce compliance costs. If we don’t optimize and reduce operational costs with innovative solutions, then we’re not doing our job correctly. Luckily, we always strive to do things the right way.


Medical Device

The advancement of a medical device to the marketplace is often a long journey. It can be a frustrating process even when companies are well versed in regulatory requirements. We bring a global scale that aids our clients in releasing medical devices; meeting regulatory standards no matter what the extent. We plan submissions, testing, and communicate with regulators. Whatever the service, we work with our client from start to finish.

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