Our Story

Treximo is a cutting-edge global consulting and solutions provider focusing on solving the most crucial issues in the life sciences industry. We know that every client is on a unique path, with unique questions and unique opportunities. We are here to answer those questions and operationalize the opportunities.

Our Mission

Solving Problems. Operationalizing Opportunities.

Every client has different struggles, weaknesses, and strengths. We are here to discover strategies that take all of these factors into consideration and catapult our clients to success.

We are a global consulting and solutions provider that focuses on Technology, Life Sciences, and Healthcare. Our global footprint and customizable service offerings allow us to provide expert recommendations, delivery, and follow-up while minimizing risks to your most important initiatives.

We are Committed to Excellence


Aristotle famously said, "quality is not an act; it is a habit." We live by this mantra in our daily business life. Our long-term client relationships attest to the quality of our service.


Far too often, quality is sacrificed for cost. But at Treximo, we seek to achieve a perfect blend of top-notch quality with a genuinely competitive price. We attain this by being a lean, efficient business.


We utilize our combined history and industry know-how to help our clients consistently meet compliance standards. If you need support, don’t wait. Take action so that we can ensure your success.


Steve Jobs once said, "innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." We seek to improve the efficiencies and processes of our clients innovatively. If we didn’t have anything to bring to the table, we wouldn’t be in business.

Check Out Our Proven Track Record of Success and How We Helped Businesses Like Yours Achieve Their Goals.


We are a global provider of consulting services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. We focus on actionable strategy, advice, and insight that our clients use to advance their efforts.

Project Management Expertise

We deliver elite project management methodologies to the table. Our experienced, certified managers partner with company leaders to get projects done effectively, and help them to focus on what they do best.

Functional Service Provider

Our FSP service allows our clients to outsource functional aspects of the job while retaining control over the process. Our FSP turns fixed costs into variable costs without foregoing quality or giving up control, ultimately saving money and time.

Medical Writing

Our team of medical writers has a massive range of experience writing across the life sciences industry. We pride ourselves on high quality and a remarkable turnaround rate.

Clinical Support

Clinical trials can be a costly drain on the time, wealth, and resources of a firm. Working with a quality FSP enables you to save on cost when hiring for specific clinical services. This allows the project to reach completion faster while improving the overall quality of the work.