Strategic Resourcing Services

The Treximo strategic resourcing group delivers significant added value and innovative solutions for your clinical trial. Our team has decades of industry experience and is continually retraining to stay current with the latest industry intelligence.

We Innovate to Encourage Clients to Grow and Thrive

Our team has an incredible amount of past success across the life sciences industry. We are active in employing state-of-the-art tools and intelligence to bring our clients fantastic success. Treximo consultants are armed with the latest industry know-how to provide game-changing insight and advanced solutions for our clients across the board.

We Develop Groundbreaking Strategies That Solve Your Most Pressing Problems

With decades of life science industry experience under our belt, we know the most crucial struggles our clients face and the best ways to overcome them. Our team of experts is continuously learning and offer strategic resourcing strategies to provide exactly what you need to achieve your goals right away. Don't waste time and resources facing issues on your own, utilize our outside perspectives and extensive industry knowledge to reach success quickly and at a low cost.

Key Offerings Include

Study Start Up

Clinical Pharmacology (PK)

CMC Regulatory

Data Management

Clinical Program and Project Management

Biostatistics and Programming

Medical Writing

Medical Monitoring


Work With Us to Transform Your Strategic Resourcing Process.


With our global talent pipeline, we know how to find and identify the industry’s finest. When it comes to turnover, we make our clients happy to be on board with us. Employees are an investment. We present the best assets available to ensure a mutual fit for everyone involved.

Industry Expertise

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, expertise is defined as ‘a high level of knowledge or skill.’ When it comes to strategic resourcing, our team has an extraordinary amount of industry knowledge and skillfulness at delivering results for our clients.

Less Time to Hire

We bring efficiency to the hiring process and have achieved an efficiency that is often unseen in our industry. We utilize our pipeline for fast, effective results.

Cost Savings

We bring quality recruitment with less time to hire, all at a competitive price. The cost savings are even better when you receive the most reliable service and top-quality results available.